Welcome to Puget Sound Rug School


Thursday March 14 to Sunday March 17,2019

Dumas Bay Center

Federal Way, Washington

This is a school to challenge your thinking about the possibilities of rug hooking as an art form.  The goal is to provide you with tools to spark your creativity in rug hooking.


We bring you the best teachers from North America to share their knowledge and expertise.

Cec Caswell

Jen Manuell

Linda Powell

Co-Directors:  Michele Wise and Sara Judith


18 thoughts on “Welcome to Puget Sound Rug School

  1. Hi,
    I am moving to Whidbey Island this March so can’t make it to your wonderful workshop on the 16th. But I’m trying to figure out if there are rug hookers in my area. Do you know of any groups on Whidbey Island by any chance? I see I can go to Beacon Hill in Seattle once a month. I just fell in love with this form! Hope to meet you another time

    • Roberta, Did you ever get any response from us about Puget Sound Rug School? We still have openings. The information as well as registration link are all on the web site. Just use the different index subjects to get you to the right spot. If you still have questions, let me know and I can call you or email you. Michele 360-830-4910

  2. I have just visited the Cape Breton area of Nova Scotia and fell in love with the art of rug hooking. Could anyone put me in touch with a class or individual who could help me get started? Happy to pay. I live in Seattle. Thanks.

    • Tomorrow at the Brightwater Treatment Plant in Woodinville/Bothell area is a hook in with vendors and rug show. I will be there (Michele Wise-WoolEtc.) and can help you find some people who hook. We also have the rug school and we have hosted brand new hookers almost every year. Sara and I (co-directors) are also teachers. Hope you can come and see us but if not write me again and I can direct you further.

    • Petra,
      The Kathy Clark class has openings. We do have a waiting list for the other two classes people usually get the class they want when on the waiting list. I would have you give Sara your information and have her let you know if there is an opening in Ali’s or Capri’s class. Like I said, there is openings in Kthy Clark’s primitive class which will be n excellent class.

      • I forgot to mention I am a beginner. In fact I have never done this before but I have made contact with two women up here in Vancouver – B.C, and will be taking a few lessons with them . I do not want to be a burden in any of these classes. Are the classes meant for more advance rug hookers. If so do you have any suggestions for camps / retreats coming up. Thank you in advance for your time.

  3. I would like to know how to get on the wait list for classes, also are these classes for advanced rug hookers or beginners? Any ideas on where to take some classes to brush up my skills? Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi,
    My step-mom is coming for a visit and would like to take a class on rug hooking. Can you make a recommendation of where I might find a class?
    Thank you,

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