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Susan Feller will lead participants as a group through exercises examining the elements and principles of design. Her goal is to teach how to see beyond looking and tell your audience a story rather than just showing them a picture. As individuals her encouragement and questions will focus on personal goals whether in composition skills or use of new techniques/materials.

Developing a body of work (the studio process) and marketing through galleries (brick and mortar and online) are topics Susan will discuss.
Bring a project, a blank canvas or a sketchbook and an open mind.

See to learn about the daily journal project Feller developed where the small size allowed for experimenting and learning in preparation to approaching larger pieces.

An enthusiast in handcrafts since childhood, Susan’s educational studies include History, Art and Business Management. Photography was the medium used through college studying composition and values. She did not embrace a hands on technique until picking up rug hooking in 1994. That journey, painting with strips of fiber, has lead to a full pattern line at; juried artist internationally; author of Design Basics for Rug Hookers and Design in a Box – Frakturs; freelance writer with articles in Rug Hooking Magazine; board member of TIGHR; workshop leader in US, Canada and Australia and events coordinator.

Paw Paw SeriesSONY DSCBirds Eye View Susan L. Feller 2012Neighboring Barn


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