Linda Powell

Powell Barnwood FrontThis class offers you an opportunity to hook “the details”! Instead of hooking
the house with a white picket fence, why not hook just the white weathered
gate and rusty latch? Instead of the barn door, why not just the hinge?
Bricks with cracked mortar and ferns growing from the tiny cracks…the ideas are endless!
Linda’s first “detailed” piece, Barnwood* was taken from the pages of an art
book (with permission), her second was her own design. Her latest close up
was drawn from a photograph taken during a family vacation and she now
finds herself drawn to these detailed close ups.
Linda will happily assist you with pattern ideas prior to the school. If you have
a photograph or idea, she will make suggestions that will work best for this class.
Once the pattern details are decided, you may draw your own pattern or she
can draw it for you, either is fine.
However, she prefers the patterns are drawn and ready prior to school.
If you prefer a wider cut, some ideas can be modified to accommodate
a larger cut.

thumbnail_FullSizeRender copy
To view some of her pictorials please visit her website
or her facebook page under Village Rim Rug Hooking.
*Barnwood is a copyright design and cannot be taught in this class. However, a
wood and hinge personal photograph may be hooked.



A McGown and OHCG accredited teacher, Linda is experienced in a variety of
cuts and styles. She is the current Director of the Southern McGown Teachers
Workshop and has been a long time active member in two local rug hooking
groups. She is also a member of ATHA, OHCG and the National Guild of Pearl
K. McGown Hookcrafters. Her work has received awards at National Exhibits
and appeared in Celebrations XXV and 26. Linda teaches a monthly class and
one-day workshops from her home based studio, Village Rim Rug Hooking.
She has also taught at week-long schools and workshops in both the United
States and Canada.