Capri Boyle Jones – Study in White

Rug, Magnolia

Oysters and More

Do you use whites in your hooking?  Have you created a piece with whites as the feature?   Whites may be utilized in all styles of hooking.

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What makes white in our world?  What are tints?  How does light affect a white surface?  How do you prevent a white area from appearing flat, brown or grey when not desired?   What is reflective color and when does it appear?  What happens when surrounding colors overtake the visual?  This class will focus on using whites and tints in conjunction with strong color while creating good balance with any use of colors.

Nautical Angle

You will receive homework which focuses on observation with the initial contact from Capri.  You may hook an original design, a pattern or custom design by Capri, or a pattern by another designer.  She will have a variety of “whites” along with a full assortment of colorful wool and fibers.

Calla Lilies

Capri has been developing her art in fiber professionally thru hooking, designing, dyeing, creating, and restoring rugs for twenty-five years. Owner of Capri Boyle Rug Studio, Inc., a McGown accredited teacher, member of ATHA and National Guild of Pearl K. McGowan Hookcrafters Capri is experienced in and teaches a wide variety of styles while her personal painterly style is Impressionism, focusing on the use of light and color. You may find her artwork in Rug Hooking Celebrations, at Quayside Art Gallery in Pensacola, FL (, The Cultural Arts Alliance ( ), various exhibits, art shows throughout the US and private collections.

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Capri Boyle Jones, fiber artist

1451 Nautilus Drive

Navarre, Florida 32566